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Kona Pacific Farmers Cooperative is the oldest and largest Kona Coffee Cooperative in the United States! Farmer owned & operated with 32 loyal farmer members we specialize in Kona Coffee & Hawaii-Grown Macadamias. We have been continuously processing Kona Coffee at this site since 1910.

Peruse this site to learn why Kona Coffee deserves to be the world's finest and most safest coffee. Then go to our Products Pages to purchase Kona Coffee of the highest quality. Enjoy the benefit of America's Farmer direct prices on coffee, mac nuts, candies and more.

Our coffee, made from 100% hand picked Department of Agriculture & CQI Q-graded and certified beans is farmer owned, grown, and processed. Our farmers, with over many years combined experience, take pride in the quality of our coffee. In fact our farmers are absolutely "STUBBORN ABOUT QUALITY." Kona Coffee is the world's finest coffee and Kona Pacific Farmers Cooperative produces the "BEST" in Kona, insuring it by utilizing HDOA (Hawaii Department of Agriculture) and CQI (Coffee Quality Institute) grading and cupping standards.

KPFC also incorporates safe-food handling by using and having ServSafe certified team-leaders on staff.

What’s Happening at the Coop!

Pruning, plucking, weed control, fertilizing & farm sanitation has been done & is a continuous process to assist the trees in preparation for the 2016-2017 coffee season. Our farmers continue to do their part in controlling the CBB (Coffee Cherry Borer Beetle) that has been devastating the coffee crop for the past few years. Our farmers take every precaution & do their very best to help to control this bug that is devastating the coffee crop here in the Kona area.

Even with the less than typical rainfall to set the flowers during blossoming & with the battle against the CBB we are planning & hoping for a fruitful season. As you drive through the different coffee regions of Kona, from mauka (upper) to makai (lower) you can witness the many coffee trees in different stages of growth and development. Some will have the buds, developed flowers, and developing green cherry on them at the same time. As the buds begin to bloom (known as the Kona Snow) these flowers fill the air with a scent of jasmine. As this happens this is the indicating sign that the 2016-2017 coffee season is coming about and the cherries will soon be ready & picked within the months of July-August to where the harvesting season will run and last till around December-January.

The Kona Pacific Farmers Coop Farmer's Retail and Roasting Facility has proven to be a grand find and a "MUST SEE" place to experience "THE BEST"cups of coffee on the island to where you can come, kick back, relax and talk story. We also offer a mixed menu of the best espresso drinks in the area of 100% Kona coffee made by our trained personnel on our manual Simonelli espresso machine.

Headed to Kealakekua Bay for some water sports, driving or just touring the Island, make KPFC's Retail and Visitor Center a top priority, stop in, visit, grab a sample cup of Kona's best, and bring some of Kona home with you. You will be glad that you did!!!


Kona Pacific Farmers Cooperative has an assortment of different items, from our farmers Raw (Kona coffee green beans & raw macadamias) to Roasted and Chocolate Covered products. Everything is made on-site here on our premises from the raw stages all the way to the finish products including the chocolate panning that we do ourselves.

We have an assortment of freshly baked goods to choose from to satisfy your sweet tooth. We have items such as chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter cookies, rangpur lime & coffee oatmeal cookies, muffins, loaves, brownies and on occasion banana-fig bread puddings just to name a few. We also have jellies and dehydrated fruit snacks that are made in our own certified kitchen using the fruits harvested from the tropical fruit garden.

Also on tap are our freshly made sandwiches & local made ice-cream by Tropical Dreams/Hilo Hawaiian Homemade. ALL 100% FRESH, 100% QUALITY, 100% LOCALLY MADE!!!!

Buy Local, Buy Quality, Buy Co-op!


KPFC's Retail/Visitor Center is Open from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Monday through Thursday, Closed on Friday-Sunday. The Tropical Fruit Garden grounds are open from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday, Closed on Friday-Sunday. Stop in and visit us, you'll be surprised at the adventure!

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